SQL - Data Quality Check Tool

This tool is specifically developed for the SQL DB Data Quality check which validate the data in the SQL tables.
This tool can be used during legacy data migation / live DB to control the errors.

How its work

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Configuration of SQL Server and DB.
SQLDQC will execute based on the entity.
  • Can create an number of Entities
  • While creating entity, you must select Main table and Primary column which mapped/linked/integrity relation between tables.
    For Example: Student ID is linked to Acadamic, class and Fees tables.
  • The validation can be done from the integrity tables
    For Example: Acadamic, class and Fees tables columns.
Set the validation against each entity, below are the validation Types.
  • Mandatory / Not Null
  • Integer
  • Date Format check
  • Duplicate Check
  • Check reference exists or not.
Execute the validation By Entities.